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Photo Session Guide

Winter edition

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basically Relationship therapy

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A Photo Session will give you more than an Instagram post and something to print for your wall. For you and your partner, your family, or whomever is involved in the photo session, it’s quality relationship time. With packed schedules, demanding jobs, and everything else in life that tends to creep up on is, it’s easy to put off quality time and physical touch. Funny enough, it may be the thing we need the most. Every time I shoot with Tedi I feel more in love, aware, and connected. Give yourself over to the experience and we guarantee you will feel it too.

Celebrate The Important Things

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You don’t need a boyfriend to have a photo session. You can have one to intentionally mark a time or thing in your life as important. Phone selfies are a dime a dozen, but the photos you will cherish forever are the ones that won’t get lost in the feed or go unseen in the cloud. Whether you’re launching a new business, proud of your fitness journey, or wondering how you could love your dog, even more, a photo session is a great way to tell the world “this is important to me!”

make memories

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Grunt and groan as much as you want, but mom was doing you a favour by forcing you and your siblings out of the house for fall photos in the park. Every time you see those photos in your parent’s home you’ll remember what makes family special. Fighting with your brother. Laughing at how ridiculous Dad was being. Highs and lows all look like highs in retrospect. Don’t wait for Mom to push you to make it happen.

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Where To Shoot

Every location can have it’s challenges. It just matters how you prepare for them.

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Indoor Locations

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Home sessions are private and comfortable, but not all rooms are ideal. Walls, furniture, and decor may limit our imagery options or give the photographs an undesirable look. The ideal indoor location has light neutral wall colours, lots of natural light, and uncluttered decor.

If you like the idea of shooting indoors but you don’t want to use your own space, we recommend looking on Airbnb for a space that has the style you want.

Rearrange the room as much as you need to. Even in a clean room, certain items may create visual distractions. After you've organized the space, look around the room for things that don't blend well. When we arrive we may also ask to rearrange things if necessary.

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Outdoor Locations

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Pinterest-beautiful photos of a magical Winter Wonderland may look effortless, but the reality is quite different. Be flexible with winter’s harsh elements and use these tips to make the most of your session.

When shooting inside the city, find a location designed for pedestrian movement. Quiet intersections, clean snow, and gravel-free roads make for better backdrops.

Aim for a place with a variety of elements such as trees, open fields, water, buildings, and pathways. These areas give us lots of room for play without having to travel far to get something different in the scenery.

Be aware of how the environment works with your outfit. Ankle-deep snow won’t work well with your upscale ballgown and tux. Elaborate, dangling lace sleeves may get caught in the tree branches you climb between. The moral of the story is to dress for your location or choose your location based on your dress.

Finally, be aware of weather limitations. We find shooting in weather colder than -10*C is too cold to enjoy and hard on our cameras. Be prepared to postpone for warmer weather or have an indoor location picked as a backup.

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Choosing Time Of Day

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Be aware of how light shines into your space. At certain hours, daylight might shine directly through windows and creates harsh shadows or hotspots and we want to avoid shooting in the space at that time. Want to shoot in the evening? Totally possible, but we will have to maximize the amount of available light in the room with lit candles or strategically placed lamps. Keep in mind, limited light means these photos may have a heavy grain look to them.

Mid-day, when the sun is high in the cloudless sky, we’ll want to find a location with some shadow cover. We do our best to shape the light, but shadows may be too harsh at this time of day, so working in the shadow of a building or thick woodlands may help. Cloudy days are fantastic as the light is usually muted at all hours.

Golden hour looks are achievable about an hour before sunset. Keep in mind, that the days are quite short in the winter time. Use Google to find out when the sun sets. Sometimes cloud can creep in and take away the magic of the golden hour, so it’s not a guarantee.


What To Wear

you will only look as good as you feel

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Dress for the environment

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The most important advice we can give is dress for comfort! It’s important to wear something that will make you feel good, but you also don’t want to be constantly aware of how your clothing looks or or struggle to move around. For best results, set yourself to enjoy the moment and your photos will come across much better.

Colors and Patterns

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Choose colours that will complement your environment. If the location dominated by deep greens and blues choose an outfit that will compliment these elements.

Avoid bright, unnatural colours. Colours like bright orange or neon green will stand out from the environment and steal attention away from your face. Colours like red, orange, or yellow are too similar to skin tones and can make it difficult to edit.

Avoid wearing patterns that will clash with the environment. If you are shooting in a wooded area, wear something with subtle or no patterns. Plaids or stripes aren’t recommended in this environment as your background will already be rather busy.

Accessories & Shoes

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Wear shoes that can handle the weather. Shoes are one of the most important clothing pieces to be aware of. If there’s a chance that we will walk through some snow you want to be prepared for it. Cold feet are one of the quickest ways to cut a shoot short. Wear ankle high boots that are resistant to water, and pair those with some wool socks. If your winter boots aren’t fashionable to your liking, wear those for moving around and bring a change of shoes to put on just for the photo. Heels are almost always a bad idea.

Hats are encouraged. They can be great for adding variety to an outfit. Consider toques or wide-brimmed hats, but be prepared to remove them. They shouldn't be used to cover up a hair day. We discourage ball caps and trucker hats, or anything with a brim or beak that will block the light from the face.

Jewellery can be a fantastic way to add variety to your outfit. Choose colours that complement your clothes and designs that will blend well. Leave your watches at home. When your hands and wrists get into the frame we don't want to a watch shape to stand out and be distracting.

Lastly, don't wear athletic runners that have busy designs. If you want to wear athletic shoes that you’re comfortable, make sure the design is neutral and doesn’t distract from the rest of your outfit.

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What To Do

Photos are for more than smiling. we want to capture you are in the moment.

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Movement & Flow

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Don’t count on us counting down from three and saying “cheese”. We want to catch you in a moment, but for that to happen a moment needs to be created. 

We will walk you through some engagement exercises. Some of them will make you feel silly and THAT’S OKAY! It is perfectly normal to feel like it’s a bit unnatural, but don’t let that keep you from giving yourself over to the moment. If you two can’t handle the moment and break out in laughter, well how cute would that be?

Flow between points. If we set you up in a position your job isn’t to hold it as if we are painting you like one of our french girls. Move in and out of the position we are putting you in. Engage with your partner. It’s hard to to say exactly what you should and shouldn’t do, but that’s kind of the point. Our job is not to direct you’re every move. We will give you are a starting point, but we are counting on you to take it from there.

Pets & Props

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Pet’s are great for photo sessions. Pets have an uncanny way of bringing out the child in us. They don’t need to be with us the entire time, but they are great to include in a portion of the session.

Add in props to create a sense of interest. We aren’t looking for a cheesy grad photo of you sitting with a soccer ball out of context, but you can use items to tell a more interesting story. For example, Tedi and I had a photo session in the snow. To make things more interesting, she held a big wreath and I held an axe over my shoulder. Why are we walking down a snowy road with an axe and a wreath? Who knows. But we look hella cute.


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Engaging in an activity together is a great way to bring out your relationship naturally. 

Be aware of the variety and limitations around some activities. Though you might enjoy enjoy racing go-karts, Speedworld won’t let us on their track and they only have one thing to do: race go-karts. It would take long before all the photos start to look the same. 

Create a scene! You aren't limited to just a smile and a pose. Put on your Christmas PJs and cuddle by the hearth, or put on an adorable apron and serve some fresh cookies. Use your space to tell a story.

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