Media Licensing

If you have found some photos or videos that we have created that you would like to feature on one of your business platforms, be it your website or in an advertising campaign, we would love to provide you with the highest quality digital files to help you succeed.

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Do I need a license to share on social media platforms?

If you would like to use any of our content on your social media feeds, please ask us for permission before you share (unless we have already expressed permission). In most cases we will freely give permission if the following criteria is met:

  1. The images are shared in the highest possible quality (not pixelated).
  2. The images are not altered by extreme cropping, colouring, or otherwise.
  3. Proper and obvious credit is given.

If we find that our images are being used to promote another business without requesting permission or following the above criteria, we may take action by requesting for removal or compensation. We love to collaborate with small businesses where we can, but our work is our livelihood and we ask that our copyright be respected.

Granting Social Media Usage does not grant perpetual usage in other ways, including for the purpose of promoting giveaways, discount sales, or extended media campaigns. If you have any questions, please contact us through email or direct messaging.

When else would I need a license?

If we own media that you would like to use to promote any kind of transactional activity or event, including for-profit and non-profit, we will ask that you request a license. That includes digital advertising, print advertising, out-of-home media, and more. Licenses will require a signed contract.

If I've already paid you to take the photo, why do I need a license?

We are a supporter of small businesses and want make quality photography accessible to local brands who want to have a voice. As such, our prices reflect this. If larger more established brands want to use content we have created for profit, we would expect to be compensated at a fair market rate.

How much does a license cost?

This depends on its usage, duration, and quantity. We will customize a quote for you per request.

Can we collaborate?

We would love to consider a collaboration for your business! Please reach out to us and tell us what you’re thinking.

License Request Form

To request a license, a collaboration, or ask a question, use the form below or email me directly.