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How much is the investment?

Our prices start at $3000 for Just Photo and $3500 for Just Video. If you hire us for both Photo & Video you will save yourself some money.

What is included?

Pretty much everything. We don't charge for extra hours, extra footage, or extra photos. We want to have the freedom to deliver our best work every time, not just when it's an add-on.

We do have a few optional add-ons, like a boudoir session with Tedi, same-day edit, or an engagement film.

Will you travel for a destination wedding?

Yes! We love destination weddings because the whole feel of the wedding day is a lot more relaxed and people are more vulnerable. We like to arrive early and spend time with you and your guests so we don't feel like randoms on the wedding day.

Do you charge for mileage?

As long as we can safely drive home after your wedding we don't charge extra for travel. But if we need to drive more than an hour, the fatigue will be real and we will ask that you cover our accomodation costs.

Do you do elopements?

We haven't done one yet but we are itching for the opportunity! If you are planning on an elopement or a small intimate ceremony, we'll customize a package for you.

Do you offer engagement films?

We do! And it's included when you book us for both Photo & Video. We love doing engagement films because it gives us a chance to get to know you more and capture more content, which in the end also makes your wedding video more personal! Click here to see examples of ones we've done in the past.

Can you use my favourite song in the video?

We must follow appropriate copyright laws so it limits our choices with most pop songs. We license our music from awesome catalogues of high quality music. We also choose the music according what we feel will best fit the wedding day. If you're concerned about the songs, let us know.

After I get my photos & videos back, can I request a change?

Before your wedding we will send you a questionnaire that will help us make the best creative decisions for your photos and videos. If we made a mistake, we will promptly fix it. But any changes you request outside of a mistake on our part will come at an extra cost. We ask our couples to trust our creative process.

How long will you cover the wedding?

We are there until we are confident we have everything we need. And if we're having a good time and not too pooped, we'll stay as long as are dancing feet will allow it.

When will my photos and videos be delivered?

Last year, we were proudly able to deliver photos within six weeks of the wedding day and videos within three months, often a lot quicker. The delivery time depends on the time of year.

We try to deliver some sneak peaks shortly after the wedding day cuz we're just excited about it.

Do you deliver the raw photos and footage?

Much like how when you commission an artist to paint a picture they don't offer you the unused paint, we don't offer the raw digital files.

If you're not familiar with the raw format, they aren't simple to interact with like what you capture with your phone or your point and shoot. The files a large in size, chew up a lot of processing power, have a flat colour, require syncing, and any given wedding we end up creating thousands of files. We work hard at delivering you all of the best moments so you don't have to spend time sifting through the unusable ones.

For photos, we promise at least 800 edited photos, but we often deliver much more. And for video, we compile all of the best clips into a documentary edit with some simple colour correction which is usually an hour or longer. Any additional footage, like interviews, is included in the bonus features.