You might have an idea of what an engagement video is, but ultimately it can be anything you want it to be. That kind of creative freedom can be as daunting as it is fun, so I've broken down a few different engagement videos we've done in the past.

Please take about 20 minutes to go through the different types of films we've made. After, you can pick one that you would like to replicate, add your own twist, or be inspired to come up with an entirely new idea. We'll work out the finer details with you.

1. Speed Round

Funny, Friends & Family, High-Energy

At a gathering of your friends and family, we can take your guests aside and put them through a speed round of questions all about you. The questions can be geared to your personality. It's a fun and humorous way of finding out what your friends think of you. 


How we did it

At Kathryn and Andrew's engagement party we took all of the guests to the garage two at a time and had them answer some questions as quickly as possible. With some precise cutting in the editing room, we were able to create something high-energy and funny.

2. When Harry Met Sally

Funny, Family, Storytelling

Inspired by the movie, we can film those closest to you recount their own stories of love and end with a few questions about you and your partner. It's a great way to put your relationship in the context of the families you come from.


How we did it

Blake and Samara invited us to their cottage one weekend just to hang out and get to know them and their family. While we were there we filmed Samara's side of the family. A couple weeks later we filmed Blake's side of the family at their house.

3. First Dance

Personal, Beautiful Imagery, No Talking

With a lot of eyes on you for those couple of minutes, there can be a lot of pressure on you and your partner during the first dance. A first dance video can take away some of the attention. It can also put your wedding day into the context of your relationship. 


How we did it

Using footage from when we went to Blake and Samara's cottage and an evening spent together in Winnipeg, we cut it to their first dance song. On the wedding day, Evan spent about an hour adding a few clips from the day itself.

NOTE: Due to music licensing restrictions, these films cannot be shared publicly at any time unless the song is licensed or changed for something that can be.

4. Activity Challenge

Funny, High-energy, Personal

Take your favourite activity to do together and we'll customize it to include some personal questions. A funny and not-so-serious way to share the intimate side of your relationship with your wedding guests.


How we did it

On Facebook, we saw a video of Marla and Alanna playing beer pong in their kitchen. Seeing as that's a game they love to play together, we taped some questions onto the bottom of the cups and took it to the front yard. We cut down the best questions and answers from two full games.

We used to be called 204 FILMS, so forgive the misleading end title.

5. Family Film

Family, Personal, Emotional

Do you have a collection of old photos and video? Have your family tell your story from the beginning and see how far you've come. 


How we did it

A couple months before the wedding, Brianne told us she had an awesome collection of old footage throughout the years. Because they didn't want to hear their own voices, we had their parents narrate their lives and ended it with some footage from their engagement shoot.

6. Engagement Story

Personal, Cute, Storytelling

Though you might have shared your engagement story a million times already, there will come a time when you might forget the little details of what made it special. 


How we did it

During an engagement photo session we will collect footage of the couple having fun and being romantic. Then we will record the couple telling their engagement story at the same time or on another day.