Contract Guide

Navigating Legal land

This is not legal advise. This is just my easy-to-read interpretation of the contract.


    1. This whole section basically outlines what we're going to do, when we're going to do it, how much it will cost, and when we'd like you to pay us. 
    2. Expenses. This section just means if we go out and buy a new lens for your wedding, or stop for a cheeseburger between ceremony and reception, we won't be billing you. But any expense that pertains to your wedding specifically, like travel or special equipment, will be outlined in a custom contract.
    3. Late Pay Fee. We do ask that you pay your invoices within 15 days. If you're a day late, it's not a big deal. But if you're super late there will be a 2% fee per month on what is outstanding.

    4. Deposits and Payments. To keep our business going, our milestone payments are non-refundable. If something happens outside of your control, like your venue burning down (it's happened), we will do our best to accommodate your situation.


    1. Ownership. We will continue to own the footage and work products we create for you. This is so that we can use clips of your wedding to help us get more business. This could be in Facebook ads or other promotional videos. We won't use the footage for commercial purposes outside of our business without your express permission.


    1. Authority. Basically just says that we each have the authority to sign the contract, so you can't sign a contract for someone else's wedding.

    2. Copyright. We won't infringe on someone else's copyright stuff, like music or other videos. If you give us stuff to use, like music or other photos, you're promising that that stuff isn't infringing on copyright.

    3. Warranty. So after you get what we promised you, we don't offer a money back guarantee. 


    1. This just outlines how long this contract is valid for and how to terminate it if need arises.


    1. This section outlines our contractual relationship and what can be expected. 


    1. If something happens outside of your control and we go out of business, we won't be blaming you. 

    2. If something really bad happens and we get sick and can't make it to the event, we'll return all the money, including the deposit.



    1. You can't make promises you can't keep. Like if the florist wants us to take photos of her arrangement, you can't promise her we will. Though we probably will. We love flowers.

    2. This says if the shit hits the fan, you're welcome to use an arbitrator. 

    3. If you want to make some big changes after you sign the contract, it must be in writing.

    4. Severability. I did my best to make sure this contract is legit. But if parts of it are disputed by a judge, the whole thing is not void because of an error in one section. Just that one section will need to be fixed.

    5. You're agreeing to an e-signature.

    6. We're in Manitoba and they're the governing lawmakers.

    7. This contract represents the entirety of what we will do and what you will get. Anything above and beyond is not contractual.