All Day or Bust! Why We Don't Offer Partial Coverage

Having spent most of our lives in Southern Manitoba we are very familiar with looking for every possible way to save a dollar. I’m not the only one who used to order a double cheeseburger with tomato, lettuce, and special sauce to get away with a half-price Big Mac.

Some might find it fun to hunt down the best deal (not me), while others have it so engrained in them because of where they were raised (definitely me). Regardless, the same mentality I used to take to save a dollar on a Big Mac doesn’t really work when applied to how we cover your wedding day. The former is the product of a production line, but ours is a process of creativity that goes something like this...

  • First, we start with our relationship with you. There’s a reason you don’t ask strangers or people you barely know to be in your bridal party. Your wedding day is an important one that is most enjoyed when you’re surrounded by people you love. We aren’t going to pretend like we'll become BFFs over a couple of drinks, but we won’t stop short of trying.

  • Secondly, leading up to the wedding day we want to be in your corner supporting you. Planning a wedding is hard work, emotionally, mentally, and physically. We don’t pretend to replace the services of a professional planner, but leading up to the day we will work with you to finalize all the logistics of your wedding day and give advice where we can. You’ll have our phone number and we encourage you to use it.

  • Thirdly, on the wedding day we aren’t counting hours. Where other photographers may require extra payment to stick around long enough to capture grandpa and grandma swing dancing, we will already be with them on the dance floor. We don’t leave until we are satisfied that we have covered enough of your wedding day to tell your beautiful love story in a genuine and magical way. 

  • And finally, after the wedding day we craft a film and photo gallery that genuinely reflects your relationship. We work hard to find the right music that suits your personality, choose the words that craft your narrative, and select the perfect shots that express the essence of your wedding day.

We believe the cost is too much to even provide as an option.

Now if you consider our creative process above, these are all really hard things to price per hour. If a couple wants break down our services A La Carte style, or wants to save some money with partial coverage, our process starts to fall apart. Which part of the process do we discount? Does that mean not spending time meeting for drinks? Do we not spend time giving valuable information and advice? Or do we spend less time being present on the wedding day missing the precious moments with your guests and family? We believe this cost is too much to even provide as an option.

We have learned the importance of maintaining our freedom to do our best work before, during, and after your wedding day. Here are the four main reasons why A La Carte Pricing and Partial Coverage do not work with our creative process.

1. The quality of our work is not relative to the number of hours we put in. We don’t operate like a production line pumping out products where time and input is relative to quality. We create art for people. Sometimes that means finding the perfect song takes a matter of minutes, and other times it can take days. Sometimes the best image requires nothing more than a light touch to perfect, and other times it can take hours to retouch. These are just two examples of hundreds of time management decisions we have to make irrelevant to how much you pay.

2. Working less means working harder. Our time with you and your wedding party in the morning is for more than just photographing you play dress up. It’s time for us to connect with your wedding party and family (and you!) so that later on in the day they are more open to our presence and we can capture those candid moments. And if you asked us to leave early then we’ll be gone before your guests even loosen up and enjoy themselves. The less we are present on your wedding day the harder it is to capture the best moments.

Our time, money, and creative energy is for what we do best: capturing weddings and telling beautiful love stories.

3. We have salaries to pay and only limited days to work. If it was common for people to get married Monday through to Sunday this wouldn’t be a problem, but our industry doesn’t allow this. There are about 30 weekends a year that we can depend on getting work, so we have a minimum that we need to earn on those days so that we can make our business viable. Any decision to settle for a wedding that does not meet our minimum means losing thousands of dollars in the opportunity cost. 

4. We are good at what we deliver. We spend every day creating a business that is designed to work for the people who like what we have to offer. If we had to change our offerings and business structure* to satisfy couple’s who don’t want what we offer, we would have less time, money, and creative energy to do what we do best: capture wedding days and tell beautiful love stories.

*A little caveat to this, we LOVE alternative weddings that break out of the traditional wedding day timeline and we will go out of our way accommodate these unique experiences, but our creative process is still much the same.


If you really just love hunting down the best deal and customizing your wedding day coverage exactly to your needs, have at it! We love that we are in an industry with lots of alternative providers for couples to find exactly what they want for their wedding day. 

But if you want to have a good relationship with your wedding photographer and videographer, and you’re excited to give them the freedom to do their best work in capturing your love story at this time in your life, we might just be the perfect fit.


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Evan Bergen