Wedding Collection Glossary

Every photographer has a different name for what they offer, so I made a glossary to help you better understand the services we offer so you know what you can look forward to.

ASSISTANT – All Photo & Video Signature Collections include an assistant at no extra cost to support us with additional coverage.

CEREMONY FILM – Your ceremony edited down to all the good parts with professional audio and multiple camera angles. We cut out all the long pauses that sometimes happen but keep in everything else as it happens.
Please note: we generally cut Ceremony Films down to between 20 and 30 minutes of length. For most couples this is enough to cover the whole ceremony. If you are having a religious or cultural ceremony that is longer you will need to communicate with us the parts that are most important to you. Full edits for longer ceremonies may require an extra shooter and more editing than what is normal and will incur and extra charge.

DIGITAL PHOTO COLLECTION – We don’t shoot just to reach a quota, but we have found we are able to deliver a whole wedding day with 500 to 800 photos. Delivered using an online gallery, so no USBs to lose or DVDs to scratch. It’s all in the cloud, baby. If you feel there is a moment that we captured but was missed in the collection, let us know.

DOCUMENTARY FILM – We don’t know when a clip might be most valuable to you, so we deliver you as much as we can. And because we don’t offer raw footage, we’ll cut together a film with all the best clips of the day that didn’t make it into the highlight film. It's just an hour of beautiful memories that you'll want to relive one night with a bottle of wine.

HIGHLIGHT FILM (SIX MINUTES) – This is the main film. We use image, story, and music to capture the essence of your wedding day and relationship. On average these videos are six minutes long, but we aren't trying to just fill time. Our goal is to tell your story in a beautiful short film.

ENGAGEMENT FILM – An engagement film is a great opportunity to go even deeper into your relationship story. You can involve family and friends or even make a game out of it. These films are meant to be as creative as you are. Let us know if you want help coming up with ideas.

ENGAGEMENT PHOTO SESSION – Basically a two-hour photo session that starts with a couple drinks and ends in lots of laughs. We’ll help you find the perfect location and help you select a wardrobe that looks great and feels comfortable.

ENGAGEMENT VIDEO SESSION – Depending on your vision for your engagement film, the Engagement Video Session may happen at the same time as the Engagement Photos or it might require extra time. Video sessions often include an audio recording (no cameras) Q&A style.

FULL-DAY COVERAGE – Contractually, all the most important moments on the wedding day should happen within a 10-hour window, but we're often there for 12. And if there is a dance floor, you can bet on us being joining the party.

PRE-WEDDING CONSULTATION – We want to meet with you about a month before your wedding day to go over details and make sure everything is in order. We will review timelines, locations, activities, logistics, and photo opportunities.
Please keep in mind that we are not wedding planners and this consultation is not a replacement for a wedding planner. We encourage all of our clients to hire a wedding planner or coordinator so that they can maximize their enjoyment of the day.

PRINT DELIVERY (OPTIONAL) – No need to look for a professional printer. You can order high-quality prints through us right from your gallery.

SPEECHES FILM – All the speeches captured with professional audio and cut between multiple angles of the speaker and your guests reacting.

THE ANTHOLOGY – The most extensive collection that we offer. This includes everything in The Story and The Poem as well as an Engagement Film. If you want to capture your whole relationship story, past and present, this is the package for you.

THE STORY – The most common collection for those who want to remember every moment and word from their wedding day. Includes everything in The Poem as well the Documentary Film, Speeches Film, and Ceremony Film.

THE POEM – If the photos are most important to you and you want a highlight film to remember the feeling of your wedding day, The Poem is a great option. It is captured the same way as any other collection with One Photographer, One Videographer, and One Assistant, so you can have the option of adding extra films after the wedding. The Poem includes the Digital Photo Collection and the Highlight Film.

Evan Bergen