Using Your Client Portal

Now that Tedi and I our both working on The Picture & The Poet full-time, there’s even more work that is required to keep the lights on. So to keep ourselves from drowning in paper, and in an attempt to make planning your wedding a little bit easier, we have made Dubsado the backbone of our business.

First, what is Dubsado?

Dubsado is a CRM, which stands for Client Relationship Management. Creating personal and trusting relationships with our couples is the foundation of our work, but we found certain repetitive tasks could be better handled with automation. Dubsado is an online software that helps us with things like emails, contracts, and invoices.

Why does Dubsado matter to you?

Planning a wedding requires a lot of coordination with lots of different vendors, and if you’re not super type A or are without a wedding planner to help, keeping track of all the emails and invoices can get messy. We want to make communication with us a little bit easier by giving you a single access point to access all of the important stuff. 

1. Accessing Your Portal

Method 1 - Email

You should have received an email with a link and password to your personal portal. If you access the portal through the email, you will only need to input your password.

Method 2 - Website

If you don't want to be bothered with looking through your email, go to You will have to input the primary email you have used for communication followed by your password.

Email Access.gif

2. The Home Page

The home page is the first page you will see. From here, you will be able to quickly access any open invoices, incomplete forms, and photo galleries. To access forms you have already completed, click on 'Projects' in the top menu bar.

Home Page.gif

3. Invoices

You can see a current invoice that reflects what you have paid and what is remaining. On the invoice you will also have access to your payment schedule where you can pay your instalments with credit card. This is a great option for you as you are able to continue to accumulate points on your preferred credit card rewards program.


4. Forms & Contracts

From the Home page and the Projects page you will be able to access any incomplete forms or contracts you need to fill out. If you ever want to review or update forms you have already completed, you can only access them from the Projects page.

When you receive a form, you don't need to complete it in one sitting. Some forms, like the Wedding Day Information form, can be extensive. You can always fill it out as you confirm the information, save it, then return to complete it later.


5. Galleries

If we are delivering photo galleries to you, they can also be access from your portal. Find your delivered galleries at the bottom of the Home page or Projects page.

For video galleries, we do not yet have a way of integrating it with your Portal. We will continue working on this integration.


6. Emails

Instead of searching through your own inbox, you can access most of our email communication from your portal. Click on Emails at the top menu bar and search through the different threads.

Please note, at this time the portal only tracks emails originating from us and your replies to those emails.


7. Profile

Got a new phone number? Bought a house to move into after the wedding? You can update your contact information at any time by clicking on Profile in the top menu bar. To edit your details, click on the tiny gear icon in the top right.


About Dubsado

Dubsado is a company of creatives who are dedicated to making client communication seamless and more enjoyable. I've visited them at their offices in Los Angeles and I can attest first-hand to how fantastic they are. If you have any questions about how to use it in communicating about your wedding day, or if you are interested in implementing Dubsado in your own business or workplace, email me your questions!

Email your questions to

Evan Bergen