Sleeping With The Photographer Makes Me Better

– By Evan –

Full disclosure, I only end up sleeping with one photographer, my wife Tedi, but my statement still stands! It makes me a better videographer. Here's how.

1. We're not strangers on your wedding day. We love that our job allows us to meet new people every wedding. We get to drink and chat with your friends and family, maybe even throw down a little dance-off when necessary. But working with new photographers is a little bit different. We've worked with some photographers who are really rushed, or some who really limit movement when they take photos, and that makes video difficult. We love the opportunity to work with other photographers and we're good friends with many of them, but working with strangers can sometimes present challenges.

2. We understand how the other works. I know how Tedi works with people. I get to take advantage of how great she is with pulling a reaction out of the wedding party, and she knows when to make space for me to capture something. She can assist me with operating multiple cameras, and I can anticipate her movement so I don't block her shot. We work together so much that it becomes second nature.



3. We push each other to get better. We don't leave our work in the editing room and only discuss it from 9-5. We're always sharing ideas and critiquing how we can improve. Operating a business with my partner is a lifestyle, one that we get to continually grow in together. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

4. We enjoy your wedding day more. A few years ago I met up with my family in Hawaii, but I went early to spend some time alone. I toured the island on a scooter, watched Kelly Slater surf a 10/10 wave at Pipeline, and enjoyed some of the most picturesque sunsets in paradise. Alone. If only I had watched 'Into The Wild' I could've saved myself from learning first hand that "happiness is only real when shared". Thankfully, I get to share the happiness of your day with the love of my life.



5. You get a better product. Your entire wedding memory experience is handled in one studio. That's one less vendor to hire, one less email to respond to, and one less link to remember. All of your photos and videos are kept in one secure place. Our styles work together to tell a larger story and convey a deeper feeling that you can relive for decades to come.

Operating a business with your spouse can definitely present some challenges that could be avoided if we had our own careers, but ultimately, we consider ourselves lucky that we can support each other in our jobs. Plus it's fun to sneak a quick kiss when the wedding couple isn't looking.

Evan Bergen