Dubsado To-Do Enhancement

I’ve been utilizing the power of to-do’s in my workflow by always putting it before an important email reminding me to customize and approve it. This is great, but when I get the email reminder in the to-do it lacks any direct link to the project, which means I have to open up Dubsado and click a couple of times to find it. It’s not a big hassle, but I thought I could optimize this.

Every To-do email reminder I now get includes a direct link to the job it’s associated with.

Every To-do email reminder I now get includes a direct link to the job it’s associated with.

The real reason why I worked on this hack is because of Zapier integration with other project management software like Trello or Asana. Using a Zap between Gmail and Trello, for example, I can instruct Zapier to make a new card in a list based on the Dubsado Reminder email. So it’s great that I can create these cards, but it would be so nice if the cards had a link that took me directly to the project.

So what is this enhancement? Turn any specific job URL into a Smartfield! It requires one manual step, but if you include it in your workflow it’s something that takes two seconds to do, and you will only have to do it once per job.

Step 1: Create a Custom Mapped Smartfield.

Go to your Dubsado Settings (gear icon in the top right) then to the Custom Mapped Fields (between Domain Names and General Settings in the right-side list). Create a new smartfield under the Job tab (NOT Client!) as follows:

Name: Job Link. Type: Short Answer.

Name: Job Link. Type: Short Answer.

Step 2: Create Workflow Action (Optional)

Go to your preferred workflow that utilizes to-do’s. At the very top of the workflow, create a to-do action to remind you to populate the Job Link smartfield. This does requires a manual action every time a new workflow is started, but you will only need to do this once.

This step isn’t necessary, but I find the reminder is helpful to make sure I don’t forget to do steps 4 and 5 for every new inquiry.

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 2.57.35 PM.png

Step 3: Add Job Link Smartfield to To-Do’s

In your workflow, go to every to-do action and add {{job.mappedFields.job_link.value}} (or whatever custom smartfield you created) to the bottom of every action. Don’t forget to check “Send email reminder” for every to-do.

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 3.00.53 PM.png

To-Do Enhancement in Action

Once this workflow is completed either update all job workflows or just let it be and it will apply to all future workflows. So how does it work when the workflow is activated?

Step 4: Copy URL

If you set things up in Step 2 you should’ve received an email reminder for any new inquiry to “Create Job Link Smartfield”. Go to the new Job or Lead, select the job tab you would like the link to default to (Emails, Invoices, Forms, etc.) then copy the URL. It should look something like this:


Notice how the last part of the URL says “forms”. This is because I copied the URL while I was on the forms tab. This changes according the current tab you are on. So if you want the link to default to email view, it should say this:


This is totally up to your preference. I prefer the form view.

Step 5: Apply URL to Smartfield

On the left-hand side of the job, go to Custom Mapped Job Fields at the bottom and press the little pencil to edit. Find the Job Link field and paste the URL. Don’t forget to save.

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 3.10.01 PM.png

Step 6: Enjoy enhanced convenience!

This is what it looks like when I get a to-do reminder.

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 3.14.23 PM.png

That’s it!

Your Workflow To-do’s will now automatically include a link to each job that the do-do is associated with, so when you get the to-do reminder in your email you just have to click the link. No more opening Dubsado and searching for the job.

Hope this helps optimize your favourite CRM!

Evan Bergen