Automated Payment Confirmation

Here is a workflow I created to send out automated payment confirmation emails to my clients. 

The great thing about payment confirmation workflows is you can cater them to your different kinds of services and customize the messaging, but this method does have some drawbacks. I go into more detail on point 5. Things Worth Noting. Until the amazing team at Dubsado adds this feature, here’s my work-around.

Click on image to see full screenshot.

1. Map out your different payment schedules.

  • I do this in the spreadsheet you can unlock at the bottom of this page.
  • Most of my clients are for weddings, so I have the same payment schedule for most of my jobs. I know my clients pay in three instalments: the initial deposit, one month before the wedding date, and three days before the wedding date. Based on this I know my workflow will require three actions.
  • If you have more than one payment schedule, do the same for all of them. Each payment schedule will require a different workflow.
Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 11.01.43 AM.png

2. Write an email template for each payment schedule.

  • You can use one template for each payment confirmation email and then customize it for each payment when you create the workflow. Don’t forget to harness the power of smart fields. Once you’ve created your template, add it to Dubsado’s Canned Emails.

3. Create the workflow as follows:

  • Action: Send Email
  • When: Relative. 0.25 hours after payment complete
    • You can have this send immediately or however soon after the payment is completed. I chose 15 minutes (0.25 hours) because I want the opportunity to cancel some automated actions when retrofitting to already active jobs.
  • Scheduled Payment to watch: *select relevant payment*
  • Email to send: Payment Confirmation
  • Customize this to your liking for each payment confirmation email or just leave it as is.
  • Subject Line: Payment Confirmation from {{}}
  • Repeat this action for as many payments that are in your schedule.

Click on image to see full screenshot.

4. Test it out.

If you want to see how it works before you start automatically firing off emails to your clients (it can be scary, I know), it’s easy to test it out on a test lead.

  • Create a test lead if you haven’t already
  • In the Workflow, apply the Payment Confirmation workflow that is relevant to the Payment Schedule
  • Create a new invoice. For the line item, create whatever you want at whatever price you want. This will be deleted
  • Apply the payment schedule to the invoice
  • Apply a payment to the invoice manually (this will be deleted later)
  • Wait for your Payment Confirmation to show up in your test lead email address. Once you confirm that you’ve received it, try applying the rest of the payments.
  • After you’ve finished testing, delete the payments and invoice so that it doesn’t affect your bookkeeping.

5. Things worth noting.

  • Unfortunately, Workflows currently can only be automatically applied at the Lead Capture level. Which is great if this is the only workflow you want to apply! But if you're utilizing workflows, you'll likely already linking another workflow to your lead capture. Until we are able to add multiple workflows to a Lead Capture, Questionnaire, or Proposal, you will have to manually apply this workflow to the jobs. Fortunately, you can manually apply more than one workflow to a job at a time, so this is easy to apply to existing jobs at any stage.
  • You can also just add the actions above into whatever workflow you are already using. It doesn’t matter where in the Workflow the payment confirmation actions appear as they are triggered by payment being applied and do not depend on previous actions.
  • This automated Payment Confirmation email will only automatically be sent when payment has been applied in Dubsado. For credit card payments through your linked payment service, this is automatic. But for other payment methods you will have to manually apply the payment to the invoice first, THEN the payment confirmation email will send.
  • This only works for jobs that have a set payment schedule and a workflow. So for those one-off jobs with no payment schedule this isn’t the best solution. But at the very least, you can create an email template so that when your client does pay you can quickly send them a payment confirmation.

WARNING: When applying this workflow to existing jobs it will send payment confirmations in retrospect to payments that have already been made. So make sure you delete or mark certain actions as complete, or else your client will receive payment confirmations for payments made in the past and you might confuse them.

Disclaimer: I do not work for or represent Dubsado’s brand or their platform. I use their services to run our Wedding Photo & Video business and love using their product. As Dubsado updates their platform some features I have recommended may become obsolete. I am not responsible for how you implement my suggestions into your own business or platform.

Evan Bergen