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We are Tedi and Evan, a wife & husband team who work together to capture your genuine love story and make your personality the centre of your Wedding Photos and Video.


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“All that will be left is what was real, and that’s what we capture”

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We believe you have a love worth capturing and a story worth sharing

Though based in Canada, we’re coming back to Australia from October to December, 2020. With us we’re bring our gear and our perspective, focussing on the Stories and the People at the heart of every wedding.

Our Approach

When shooting your wedding, we work hard to capture genuine emotional expression and chase the story in all the little details. Our priority is to let you enjoy your wedding day, not take you away from it to get “the shot”. After all the trends fade and poses go out of vogue, all that will be left is what was real, and that’s what we capture.

When setting aside time for photography in your wedding day schedule, we recommend less than two hours for couple portraits and formal wedding party photos. For the rest of the time you have, spend it with the people you love, eating food, drinking drinks, and just enjoying your wedding day.

Our Gear

We are gear minimalists, which means we shoot as much as possible with as little gear as possible. This means that while something special is happening, we're not fiddling with gimbals and complicated flash setups. We're focussed on getting the moment.

Being gear minimalists also means we get to engage with your wedding party and guests at a more intimate level. We won't intimidate anyone with large rigs that get in the way of connecting on a human level. We are people capturing people, and that's how we are able to capture the feeling of the day, by getting close.

Weddings We Want

We are looking to book weddings between October 18 and December 20, 2020. We would preferably like to stay in the Melbourne area, but we are also open to weddings around Sydney and everywhere in between.

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our last trip to ‘straya

I (Evan) lived in Australia for a couple years, so it was always on my list to bring Tedi back and show her the old spots and discover some new ones together. So when we had a chance to film the nuptials of a Canadian and an Aussie, we took it. For six weeks we lived out of a Toyota Hiace and made our way from Brisbane to Melbourne, shooting a couple weddings along the way.



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keep it simple

Planning a wedding is complicated enough, so we want to make your decision making a little easier. Every wedding collection includes full-day coverage with at least two shooters so you can just worry about about enjoying your day. No need to ask for extra hours.


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One Photographer

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30-min. Documentary Film including Ceremony Vows and Highlights

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All prices in Canadian Dollars, taxes included.
Payment accepted via Credit Card.


Let’s Chat

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Be strange, not a stranger

We don't expect to become best friends over the phone, but we don't want to be strangers on your wedding day. Let’s start with a phone chat, follow each other on Instagram, and when we’re in your area we’ll take you out for a beer before the big day.


Have a question?

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Do I have to pay for travel?

Because we are already in Australia, expenses will be limited to reasonably extra travel from Melbourne and Sydney. We can discuss potential travel expenses after you inquire.

Do you do elopements?

Our standard Wedding Collections are designed to cover traditional wedding days with 50+ guests on a weekend. If you are having an elopement on a weekday we can customize a collection for you.

After I get my photos & videos back, can I request a change?

Before your wedding we will send you a questionnaire that will help us make the best creative decisions for your photos and videos. If we made a mistake we will promptly fix it, but we ask our couples to trust our creative process. We maintain creative control to deliver the images the best capture your wedding day, and we choose the music the expresses the feeling of being there.

When will my photos and videos be delivered?

Last year, we were proudly able to deliver photos within six weeks of the wedding day and videos within three months, often a lot quicker. Ultimately, the delivery time depends on the time of year and our current workload. During peak seasons delivery may be up to four months.



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the morning

The Ceremony


the reception

the party



 Our Last Trip

Brisbane to melbourne
March - April, 2019

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For six weeks, from March to April, 2019, we lived out of a Toyota Hiace and made our way from Brisbane to Melbourne. Living out of a van was a bit of a trial run for building out our own van to live in back in Canada.

The biggest regret we had was covering too much ground in too short of time. Even though we are well-adjusted to 12 hour road trips through the Canadian prairies where the landscape barely changes, we didn’t take into account the variety of the Australian coast. We couldn’t drive more than a couple of hours without having to stop and explore a completely new place.

But even though we could never stay in one place for more than a day, we didn’t let the fear of missing out take over as we would look to each other and say “We’ll just come back here next time.”